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Billy Slater shares haloTherapy with teammates

Billy Slater at Salts of the Earth centre with Storm teammates. Picture: Colleen Petch Source: Herald Sun
MELBOURNE Storm star Billy Slater is one of a growing number of sportsmen trying out the benefits of halotherapy, the inhaling of salt in a special spa room.
And his Storm teammates joined him at the Salts of the Earth centre at Brighton to find out for themselves.
Slater has been using the salt spa therapy to deal with his hay fever.
But it was the first time the whole Storm squad used the spa.
It was believed to be an ideal recovery session after a tough interstate trip to Townsville, which included two plane changes in Brisbane.
The treatment in the salt rooms helps people who suffer from asthma, hay fever and other respiratory ailments.
Carlton forward Andrew Walker is a regular user of the spas and strong advocate of the therapy, introducing his teammates to the treatment.
He says it has minimised his use of medication for asthma and hay fever and increased his aerobic capacity.
The treatment evolved from doctors recognising the low incidence of respiratory conditions in salt mine workers.
You just sit in the salt-lined room while air is pumped through it.

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