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When you use salt to season food, it’s true that it makes you put on weight and increases your blood pressure, but when you use it “externally”, it really provides health benefits. Just take a deep breath by the coast and you’ll notice that immediately.

The benefits of this precious element, which was known in antiquity as “white gold”, have been known about since the time of Marco Polo.

Halotherapy (from halo, which means salt in Ancient Greek) recreates the microclimates you find in salty areas or natural rock salt mines with artificial salt rooms where you can spend time relaxing.

A special aerosol micronises the salt particles. These then penetrate the respiratory passages and improve all types of disorder, from rhinitis to allergies and asthma.

The therapy also alleviates fatigue by improving the blood circulation and has a draining, decongesting and anti-bacterial action on the skin, especially for sufferers of psoriasis and dermatitis.

It’s for this reason that spa are introducing sale rooms as an exclusive new extra.

There are also around 3 salt therapy centres in Brasil’s cities, including the Salus Naturalis in Brasilia.

But how does halotherapy work? “You spend around 40-45 minutes in a environment with a humidity level around 45 to 55 percent and a temperature between 18 and 24 degrees centigrade.
“This period is equivalent to spending three days by the sea. It’s very effective for children as well, who often suffer from respiratory problems.” 

Salus Naturalis

SGAS 915 conjunto N lotes 69A e 70A
sala 106 térreo
Advance Centro Clínico Sul
Brasília DF

61- 3257 3232

61- 3879 3232

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