segunda-feira, 7 de julho de 2014

Massage to relieve tension

Sometimes it is common for a bad position, especially when you work many hours at the computer, your neck end of the day stressed and sore, so you are told a healthy and natural way to provide relief before going to bed.

In a comfortable position, either standing or sitting, spend an arm across the chest and placing the hands on the neck, gently tilting the head toward the opposite shoulder and tour the area with the tips of the fingers between the bottom of skull and shoulder downward, do this about 5 times and changed arm.

After placing your wrists on the base of the neck and left fingers off on both sides of the column gently massaging the muscles with your fingertips up and pressing gently with the palm of your hands, over the entire area between the shoulders and neck.

Finally and to conclude the massage, you must make the skin soft pinch of course never stretch the muscles on both sides (outside) made pressure with the palms of the hands and then down from the top of the skull to the base of neck.

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